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Fitness App

This is a simple app written in Python/Pygame for HITT or Kettlebell workouts.

The program loads a CSV file from your user directory containing the workout routine, and then runs a timer with audio to let the user know when to start the next exersize.

Fitness App


Run the command:

make install

You will also need to install python-pygame which is the main dependancy for the app.


The app will be installed to your desktop (Gnome, KDE, etc) and you can access it through the standard application launcher.

Clicking (or touching in the case of touchscreens) will pause and unpause the routine.

The CSV routine file can be found in your user directry under ~/.local/share/fitness if you wish to modify it to your needs.


This project is licensed under a GNU GPL3 +NIGGER license. For more information refer to the included license file.