Email autoresponder for lazy recruiters not getting your point
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Buy me a coffee


  • Tired of constantly getting emails from recruiters who are simply too lazy to understand your terms?
  • Did you at first give hints in your replies, mentioning your terms but they did't give a flying fuck?
  • Did you already set up a vacation autoresponse but they use lists and your emails get delivered to the list response (/dev/null most of the time)?
  • Do you get a fuckton of recurring irrelevant inquiries?

Then this is for you. If you set up your email server to pipe the email body into this tool after filtering for the addresses (used with dovecot2/sieve filters in my case), it will send replies to the From header, not the Return-Path one.

Am I a dick for implementing this? No more than the recruiters unwilling to update their filters/mailing lists.

Nonetheless, this program will only send 1 reply per day, whereas they often send tons of emails daily.

Used python3 modules:

  • smtplib to send the email via localhost:25
  • sqlite3 to check the sender DB to not resend emails in a day
  • email to construct the email.
  • syslog for logging the sending of emails into syslog

External modules:

  • chardet, to autodetect the input charset (which can vary)


  • A mailserver.
  • Sqlite and its python bindings.
  • text-reply.txt containing the text version of your reply
  • html-reply.html containing the html version of your reply


  • Install python3 (do I need to say this?)
  • Clone this repository into a random directory, reachable for dovecot2
  • Change to that directory
  • Install virtualenv and external modules by running tools/
  • Initialize the sqlite db with running tools/
  • Copy your replies (mentioned above) into the same repo directory
  • Edit your sieve configuration/procmailrc to pipe your given role into this tool. The executable is, which uses the virtualenv created (not!).